Medsafe investigating claims on cannabis billboard

By January 30, 2019 Recent News

Stuff 18 December 2019
Family First Comment“A spokesman for Medsafe, the regulator for medicines and medical devices,​ said it was not correct to say that all cannabis is medicine.”
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Medsafe is “looking into” New Zealand’s first cannabis advertising campaign.

The Advertising Standards Authority received several complaints this week after a billboard advertising cannabis as medicine was erected on Auckland’s Anzac Ave.

Helius Therapeutics, a licensed medicinal cannabis company, launched the billboards following last week’s legalisation of medicinal cannabis manufacture, to “rebrand” cannabis.

A spokesman for Medsafe, the regulator for medicines and medical devices,​ said it was not correct to say that all cannabis is medicine.

“Sativex is the only cannabinoid product approved by Medsafe in New Zealand…Medsafe is aware of this campaign and is looking into it.”