JUST RELEASED: Briefing for Families

By February 5, 2019 Media, Media Release

Are you ready for the debate on legalising marijuana? We are – and we’re here to help you.

DOWNLOAD our new 24-page Briefing for Families.

You can also click HERE for 1-page Briefing Sheets on specific issues.

Topics covered include:

  • what are the known health harms of marijuana?
  • why is the referendum much more than just being able to ‘smoke a joint’?
  • the problems with statements like “the war on drugs has failed” and “it’s a health issue, not a legal issue
  • what effect will legalisation have in the workplace, on road safety, with pregnant mums and young people, on family violence & child abuse, and will it really get rid of the ‘black market’ and gang involvement?
  • is growing marijuana ‘green’?
  • what’s the next step in this whole agenda?

Get past the ‘smokescreen’. These education resources will help you campaign with us against any attempts to legalise marijuana (and ultimately other drugs, according to pro-marijuana groups) in New Zealand.