Disturbing footage: No illegal drugs used, say police

By February 14, 2019 Recent News

NZ Herald 13 February 2019
Family First Comment: This is why it’s both a legal and a health issue. Going soft on the law sends all the wrong messages to our vulnerable young people.

Police investigated disturbing footage of young boys in South Auckland boasting of smoking drugs using homemade bongs and of growing marijuana in pot plants and found no illegal drugs were used.

The footage posted, to social media earlier this month, shows four young boys who appear to be primary or intermediate school-aged, sitting next to a creek bragging about taking drugs and growing their own weed.

Three homemade bongs can be seen in the video while two of the boys film themselves “smoking weed” and “getting stoney baloney”.

One boy claims to be the owner of the paraphernalia while the others argue over who owns the drugs.

In the video, one boy lights up and is seen exhaling a substance from the homemade bong.

At least two boys appear to be wearing school uniform during the incident while the others have school bags with them.

One boy is heard encouraging the others to “go again” before making fun of them for not being able to properly light up their drugs.

Facing the camera, one boy admits to “smoking weed” while the others ask for help to light up.
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