Shocking toll of young patients admitted to hospital with mental disorders

By March 28, 2019 Recent News

Daily Mail 25 March 2019
Family First Comment: “Cannabis is linked to severe mental illnesses including psychosis, where patients have hallucinations and delusionary thoughts, schizophrenia, bipolar disorder and anxiety attacks… Dr Niall Campbell, a consultant psychiatrist at the Priory Hospital in London, which treats NHS patients, added: ‘We are seeing a whole new generation of teenagers, and those in their early 20s, being admitted as emergencies with paranoid psychoses linked to cannabis use.”

Children as young as nine are being admitted to hospital with severe disorders caused by cannabis, figures reveal.

More than 3,400 patients under the age of 19 were admitted last year because of mental and behavioural illnesses triggered by the drug.

Doctors are seeing a ‘whole new generation’ with serious problems, who are increasingly buying cannabis via social media websites.

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