Drugged driving, Drug growing, Stealing electricity, Resisting arrest

By May 5, 2019 Recent News

Wairarapa Times-Age 3 May 2019
Family First Comment: This is a typical offender who is rightly prosecuted for cannabis infringements. Not just consuming, but associated with other crimes and harm done to society.
That’s why the law is important, and why cannabis is both is a legal and a health issue.

Three years jail for ‘deliberate’ and ‘flagrant’ offending

A Greytown man has been sentenced to three years and four months imprisonment for crashing into another vehicle twice in one day while driving under the influence, and for multiple cannabis growing operations.

Colin Trevor Jones appeared before Judge Jan Kelly in the Masterton District Court on Tuesday afternoon where he was sentenced for 10 charges which he had earlier pleaded guilty to, including two charges of driving in a dangerous manner, one of driving while impaired, and one of failing to comply with a driving ban.

He had previously been sentenced for eight other drink-driving or driving while impaired incidents.

The 51-year-old forestry worker and beekeeper also faced three cannabis cultivation charges, one of cannabis possession for supply, one of theft [for electricity valued over $1000] and one of resisting police arrest, relating to three separate search warrants carried out at his home which found cannabis growing operations after his arrest for the driving offences.

Shortly after 12.30pm on September 1 last year, Jones crashed into the back of the first car while it was stopped in front of a pedestrian crossing on State Highway 2 in Carterton.

His car was written off and the driver of the other vehicle left shaken.
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