A million Kiwis want to try medicinal cannabis – survey

By May 20, 2019 Recent News

NewsHub 20 May 2019 
More than a million Kiwis are keen to try medicinal cannabis, according to a new survey.

With polls suggesting New Zealand will vote to legalise recreational use of the already popular drug, licensed medicinal cannabis developer Helius Therapeutics expects the market for its products to explode from 2020.

It commissioned a poll by Horizon Research to find out just how big the market could be, and was blown away by the results.

“Even if we just focus on those who would ‘definitely’ try accessing medicinal cannabis products, at 14 percent that represents phenomenal demand, set to be unleashed next year,” said executive director Paul Manning.

Fourteen percent of adult Kiwis equates to more than 430,000 people. In addition to them, another 20 percent said they are ‘most likely’ or ‘somewhat likely’ to seek out medicinal cannabis. It’s unclear what percentage would have a legitimate medical reason.
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