Poll: Most New Zealanders don’t want recreational cannabis legalised

By June 10, 2019 Recent News

NewsHub 10 June 2019
A Newshub-Reid Research Poll has revealed the majority of New Zealanders do not think recreational cannabis should be legalised.

It found that 48 percent of New Zealanders do not agree with legalising it, while 41.7 percent of people think it should be legalised, and 10.4 percent don’t know.

The poll of 1000 people found that Green supporters were more in favour of legalising cannabis, while National supporters were less in favour.

The poll found that 76.9 percent of Green supporters were in favour, while just 14.5 percent opposed.

It’s a stark contrast to just 25.3 percent of National supporters who want it legalised, while 67.6 percent were opposed.

The majority of Labour supporters want recreational cannabis legalised, with 50.4 percent in favour and 37.9 percent opposed.

That compares to 44.5 percent of New Zealand First supporters in favour, while 45.3 percent were opposed.

Green supporters and National supporters were more certain about their position, with just 8.6 percent and 7.1 percent, respectively, saying they didn’t know.

That compares to 11.7 percent of Labour supporters and 10.2 percent of New Zealand First supporters who said they didn’t know.

The Government announced last month that New Zealanders will vote on legislation to legalise recreational cannabis at the 2020 election.
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