Whanganui man claims he smoked cannabis to help with emphysema, sentenced in Whanganui District Court

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NZ Herald 3 July 2019
Family First Comment: “I use cannabis for my emphysema. It helps me breath better.” 😊
Yeah right.

“I use cannabis for my emphysema. It helps me breath better.”

That was Eric John Bariball’s explanation to police after showing them where he was stashing two small containers holding cannabis leaf in his house.

Police officers visited his Whanganui East property at 9.17am on Tuesday, June 11 with a search warrant.

Bariball did not lead them on a wild goose chase, immediately showing the officers where his cannabis was, as well as several utensils used to consume it.

These included a glass bong, wooden pipe and butter knives used for spotting.

Bariball appeared in Whanganui District Court on Tuesday charged with procuring or possessing cannabis and possessing a pipe or utensils for cannabis.

Lawyer Anna Brosnahan said her client entered immediate guilty pleas.
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