Government warned against commercial sale of cannabis-infused products like gummy bears, brownies

By July 9, 2019 Recent News

NewsHub 9 July 2019
Family First Comment: “cannabis-infused brownies, lotions and gummy bears should be okay for people to make at home.” – Ministry of Justice.
Wrong, wrong, wrong. Think of the kids. Think of the families.

The Ministry of Justice warned the Government that cannabis-infused edibles should not be sold commercially if New Zealand votes to legalise cannabis.

But despite the advice, the Government is pushing ahead, with New Zealanders set to vote on legislation on legalising recreational cannabis in 2020.

The same Ministry of Justice officials talked up the benefits of legalising cannabis – especially for Māori.

A December 2018, document obtained by Newshub under the Official Information Act shows the Ministry of Justice told the Government that cannabis-infused brownies, lotions and gummy bears should be okay for people to make at home.

But while officials were fine with home baking, they recommended cannabis-infused products should not be manufactured commercially.

“We do not recommend that these products are manufactured commercially, given how appealing they are to new users,” the document reads.

“These products are often much more appealing to new and young users and could, therefore, increase cannabis use. This would be contrary to our objective of improving the wellbeing of New Zealanders,” it adds.