Work fears if cannabis legal

By August 11, 2019 Recent News

Two thirds of construction industry members worried about the effects of cannabis law reform
Stuff 11 August 2019
Family First Comment: “As soon as you use the word ‘legal’ the perception is that it’s OK to do it.”
Anyone knows that – except the Government and the Druggie Foundation.

Construction industry figures say recruitment of the already under-resourced sector will worsen if cannabis is legalised.

A Civil Contractors NZ annual report highlighted legalised cannabis as an issue looming over the sector with two thirds of nearly 90 respondents saying it would negatively impact their business.

Civil Contractors NZ chief Peter Silcock said businesses were already struggling with staff recruitment “due to substance abuse” and legal weed would “make it even harder”.

Founder of workplace drug testing company Workcare, Karl Hardy, “100 per cent” expected to see drug related recruitment issues worsen in the event of legalisation.

“As soon as you use the word ‘legal’ the perception is that it’s OK to do it.”

Around 70 per cent of its positive tests results were for cannabis, he said.

New Zealand has a construction worker short fall in the tens of thousands while also plagued by a housing shortage, particularly in the main centres.

Managing director of Robert Lax Max recruitment, Pat Quin, believes the industry is right to be concerned, specifically about cannabis. He said companies could face legal challenges if staff are dismissed over a failed test that may relate to cannabis smoked weeks prior.

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