Vaping should only be used for quitting nicotine – health expert

By August 31, 2019 Recent News

NewsHub 31 August 2019
Family First Comment: “Whilst there is absolutely a space for choice for our current cohort of people addicted to smoking, I don’t want there to then be a new generation of non-smokers that will become vapers.”

There are fears a so-called epidemic of young people vaping in schools is only going to get worse.

The principal of Auckland Grammar told Newshub earlier this week half of junior students either own a vape or have tried it.

“I’d describe it as an epidemic,” Tim O’Connor said.

Selah Hart, CEO of Māori public health researchers Hapai Te Hauora ,says regulations have taken too long to come in.

“If we’re really looking to protect future generations from picking up a new addiction, the regulations can’t come in any sooner.”

Hart wants there to be restrictions on the sale and advertising of vaping.

“There could potentially be a new cohort of people that pick up this device and like it, and want to use it in an everyday capacity. But we don’t want that.”

The Government is planning to change the Smokefree Environment Act next month. In particular, it’s looking at setting maximum levels of nicotine, improving labelling, prohibiting vaping ads and requiring products to be sold from behind the counter.