US man ‘high as a kite’ after claiming he was served marijuana-laced cup of McDonald’s tea

By November 9, 2019 Recent News

TVNZ One News 8 November 2019
Family First Comment: Legalisation of drugs permeates every aspect of society. Even family restaurants.

A South Carolina man who went to McDonald’s for a sweet tea says he received a little extra herbal substance on the side.

The Island Packet reports Parrish Brown went to a McDonald’s on Hilton Head Island and asked for a sweet tea with light ice and extra lemon.

Brown now believes “extra lemon” was code for marijuana, since he found three bags of weed in his cup. He says he only realised it once he was “high as a kite.”

Brown says he’d never had marijuana, so he didn’t recognise the taste. He says he paid regular price for the items.

Beaufort County Sheriff’s Office spokesman Major Bob Bromage says an investigation is ongoing. He didn’t specify which McDonald’s Brown had gone to.

McDonald’s didn’t immediately respond to a request for comment.
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