Government makes drug court permanent in justice shake-up

By December 11, 2019 Recent News

NZ Herald 12 December 2019
Family First Comment: This is good. Courts that take a health approach and know the best way to deal with drug addiction and drug lifestyles.
BUT that involves the coercion of the law to force them to take the action necessary to change their ways AND it doesn’t involve legalising drugs!

Specialist drug and alcohol courts in Auckland will be made permanent and a new one will be opened in Hamilton, Justice Minister Andrew Little has announced as part of a pre-election-year promise for major reform of the justice system.

Releasing two independent reports that deeply criticise the sector, Little on Thursday said the Government would embark on a “new direction” in the criminal justice system in a bid to tackle reoffending and incarceration rates.

“Thirty years of locking more people up for longer has not changed reoffending rates nor made communities safer,” Little said.

“The old ways have failed us. They have resulted in too little rehabilitation and therefore more crime, while not doing enough to support victims.”

While large-scale and long-term change is being promised, Little on Thursday announced the two current Alcohol and Other Drug Treatment Courts in Auckland and Waitākere would immediately be made permanent.

The Government will also fund a new, third court in Hamilton – with Little promising it would open next year.