David Seymour threatens to strip Young ACT’s name amid plan to sell drug paraphernalia

By March 2, 2020 Recent News

NewsHub 2 March 2020
ACT leader David Seymour is threatening to strip Young ACT of their name, as the youth wing of his political party plans to have drug paraphernalia for sale at a university event to promote their new policy.

The Young ACT policy, released on Monday, is to legalise not just cannabis but also LSD or acid, magic mushrooms, and MDMA – the main ingredient in ecstasy.

“This regulated market would allow us to better control who consumes drugs, their potency, and force producers and distributors to provide information regarding the risks and effects of the drugs in question,” Young ACT’s statement said.

“Young ACT believes that this approach also respects the individual’s right to make informed decisions about their life.”

But party leader David Seymour told Newshub the policy is not something “you’ll see anytime soon” and that legalising drugs is “not a political priority” for him.

Newshub has learned of a stunt Young ACT is planning for Tuesday to have drug paraphernalia available to be bought at their stalls at university clubs week. The youth wing will have Shosha – a store that sells vaping and smoking supplies – present at their stall.

That’s news to Seymour.
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Young Act stall displays drug paraphernalia at an O-week uni stall in Wellington despite warnings from David Seymour
NZ Herald 3 March 2020
The youth wing of the Act Party has made good on its promise of displaying drug paraphernalia at its orientation week stall at Victoria University.

But Act leader David Seymour – who visited the stall earlier today – says as the students were not breaking the law and thus Act would not strip them of their Act membership.

The stunt echoes similar moves from Young Act in 2008, where members of the Youth Wing were selling party pills for $1 each if the customer signed up to Act on Campus.

This was just two weeks before they were made illegal.

Photos have emerged of Young Act’s O-week stall at the university which shows boxes of Shesha on display next to smoking devices – commonly used for consuming marijuana – and cannabis grinding devises.
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