9 students at Commerce City middle school taken to hospital after ingesting marijuana edibles

By March 16, 2020 Recent News

Fox News Denver 9 March 2020
Family First Comment: The consequences of legalisation 
“ “It’s important that kids know that not everyone is using marijuana. Oftentimes, children think, ‘Everyone’s doing it, so I should too.'”

Eleven middle school students at Adams City Middle School in Commerce City consumed THC on Monday, sparking a criminal investigation, officials said. Most of the students were sent to a hospital.

A spokesman for Adams 14 School District said the affected students were disoriented and vomiting. School officials called for emergency services shortly before 2:30 p.m. Monday.

Eleven students consumed what officials describe as marijuana-infused candy.

Nine of the 11 students were put on ambulances and taken to a hospital for observation. Two were well enough to be released to their parents.

“No one was, at any time, in any life-threatening danger,” said district spokesman John Poynton.

Experts say youth THC use remains flat. But for children who do use marijuana, surveys show more are turning to edibles.

“When you take high-THC marijuana-concentrated oil and you combine that with candy, you’re asking for trouble,” said Henny Lasley with Smart Colorado.

Smart Colorado is an advocacy group for children. It was created following marijuana legalization in Colorado.
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