‘The legal stuff is garbage’: why Canada’s cannabis black market keeps thriving

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The Guardian 18 March 2020
Family First Comment: The black market flourishes in legalised places:
“The government’s pot is too expensive. The government doesn’t show you a picture of what you’re buying before you buy it, so you cannot be informed as a consumer. The government weed has been full of bugs, mouldy or too dry in some cases, and often takes too long to get there,” one user said. “The legal stuff is garbage,” said another Reddit user. A third said: “Friends don’t let friends smoke government weed.” Canadian government survey results released last month found that 40% of the country’s marijuana consumers admit to having obtained the drug illegally since legalisation.

North America’s biggest companies have seen their market values lose billions, prompting comparisons to dotcom bust

Cannabis may be legal in Vancouver but visitors looking to score are likely to run into a seemingly counterintuitive suggestion: try the black market.

Recreational marijuana was legalised across Canada in October 2018. And yet on Reddit, the specialist forum website used by millions every day, many of Vancouver’s cannabis connoisseurs still swear by their underground supply.

This is one of the major issues facing North America’s marijuana companies, which experts say are in the midst of a dotcom-style market crash.

Canada and 11 US states have legalised recreational use of the drug, and a little over a year ago companies that cultivate and sell cannabis were seen by investors as one of the hottest tickets in town. Now billions of dollars have been wiped off the market values of the industry’s largest companies.

The North American Marijuana Index, which tracks listed firms in the sector, has plummeted about 80% in the last year and is at its lowest value since 2016, before much legalisation had taken place.
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  • Grant says:

    Working at a Canadian “MOM” Mail Order Marijuana shop, I have to agree with this and more. Marijuana from the “grey” area shops is much better. It has much more value. But what I think really hits home, these have been customers that are regulars and have been taken care of for several years. They do not want to leave to for the government weed products that are priced higher, arrive slower, less potency and value.

    The customer service end, these customers trust us and are not leaving. Many of us tried to get into the legal market, but are simple mom and pop shops. We can’t afford it. Everyone was looking at the “green rush”. End of the day, the consumer here in Canada has been screwed.

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