Cannabis Extract Explosion in L.A. Injures 11 Firefighters

By May 18, 2020 Recent News

What is Hash Oil? Cannabis Extract Explosion in L.A. Injures 11 Firefighters, 3 Critically
NewsWeek 17 May 2020
Family First Comment: Remember the Los Angeles fire at the weekend? 11 fire fighters injured
Guess what..
“The business operating at the building was identified by LAFD as Smoke Tokes, a wholesale supplier of butane honey oil, also known as hash oil, a concentrated form of marijuana.”
Remember the term ‘butane hash oil’. It’s going to cost us if we legalise cannabis.

An explosion at a hash oil supplier in Los Angeles has left 11 firefighters injured, three of them critically, authorities said.

Firefighters had responded to a structure fire at 327 East Boyd Street in the city’s Toy District at around 6:30 p.m. local time on Saturday, the Los Angeles Fire Department said.

Eric Scott, a spokesman for the LAFD, told The Los Angeles Times that “a significant explosion” occurred as firefighters were inside looking to find the source of the blaze.

A number of firefighters had been inside the building and on the roof when the explosion occurred, Scott said. Responding crews described the sound like a “freight train or jet engine.”

A massive ball of flame spewed out of the building and firefighters who were inside ran “straight through that ball of flame to get to safety across the street,” Scott told The Times.

He said 11 firefighters were transported to County-USC Medical Center for treatment for burn injuries. More than 240 firefighters responded to the fire, which had spread to several nearby buildings before it was extinguished at around 8 p.m., Scott added.
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