Proposed Cannabis Law Fails Public Health & Safety Test

By May 19, 2020 Media Release

Media Release 20 May 2020
With the help of senior lawyers, the SayNopeToDope campaign has analysed the proposed legislation – Cannabis Legalisation and Control Bill – that would be introduced if NZ’ers voted to legalise the recreational use of cannabis in the upcoming referendum.

The 4-page summary, Analysis – Cannabis Legalisation and Control Bill, highlights significant concerns around:

  • home grows, and the large quantities that can be grown
  • consuming drugs at home in front of children and young people
  • high quantities of purchase and possession
  • age restrictions which will be difficult to enforce, as already evidenced by tobacco & alcohol
  • home production of edibles and dabbing e.g. butane hash oil (already an issue in NZ and overseas)
  • restrictions on potency which will be difficult to enforce and will empower the black market
  • difficulties for councils to ban pot shops in their local areas
  • increased regulation which will mean increased demand for policing (rather than a reduction as argued)
  • education and prevention is mentioned, but only in relation to use
  • contradicts our SmokeFree 2025 policy

The analysis is also available online

This follows up the earlier resource presenting 20 reasons for New Zealanders to vote no in the upcoming referendum20 Reasons to Vote NO in 2020”.

“The use of cannabis is associated with increased risks of a number of adverse outcomes including educational delay, welfare dependence, increased risks of psychotic symptoms, major depression, increased risks of motor vehicle accidents, increased risks of tobacco use, increased risks of other illicit drug use, and respiratory impairment.”

“At a time when New Zealand’s mental health system is bursting at the seams, why would we go and legitimise a mind-altering product which will simply add to social harm?”