A vape being touted as a vitamin inhaler is being targeted to young women on Instagram

By June 1, 2020 Recent News

NZ Herald 30 May 2020
Medsafe is looking into a new vape which promises to “support balance and mood” and help users “feel more alert,” which experts fear could be dangerous.

Inhale Vitamins herbal vapes are marketed via social media with experts saying the company appears to be actively targeting a younger demographic.

One Instagram post, changed after the Herald on Sunday made inquiries, said the Vita Babe inhaler “supports feminine energy, raises wellbeing, and helps with mood management”.

Malaghan Institute of Medical Research’s director of research Professor Graham Le Gros said they’d seen “herbal” vapes marketed overseas for the past few years and the product could “absolutely” be dangerous.

“There’s always the potential for allergies, fibrosis, COPD, all of those things we associate with smoking causes a certain amount of reaction and over a period of time you can really destroy your lung function.”

He said if someone started inhaling things, they could trigger a powerful immune response, which could cause all sorts of medical problems.
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