Justice Minister doesn’t want foreign groups debating cannabis referendum (not sure if and how they are though)

By July 1, 2020 Recent News

Newstalk ZB 1 July 2020
The Justice Minister isn’t happy about an international organisation getting involved in our cannabis referendum here

(right is the speaking lineup for a conference held in Parliament Buildings by the Drug Foundation – Andrew Little along with 2 speakers from… the US (2019))

The group called Smart Approaches to Marijuana, or SAM, is fighting legal cannabis in the US, and has set up a branch here.

Bob McCoskrie from Family First said they’ve been drawing on SAM’s experience.. but haven’t taken any money.

“We haven’t received one cent from SAM. We won’t received one cent from SAM.”

He says that they want their information and insight as SAM are fighting against legislation in many US states.

Justice Minister Andrew Little told Heather du Plessis-Allan that we don’t want the influence of big American corporations.

“This is a debate for New Zealanders so they can make a decision about what they want to do about the future of cannabis.”

He says that it is similar to how the NRA attempted to infiltrate the debate on gun legislation.

Little says that we don’t need or want the American style influence of over the campaign.

“What I think looks dodgy is, even if it is a New Zealand organisation, calling on a big American organisation to provide their messaging and resourcing.”