SayNopeToDope Campaign on Newstalk ZB responding to claims of US funding

By July 1, 2020 Recent News

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  • Norman says:

    This is completely untrue… A conspiracy theory first put it forward by………… Swarbrick about 3 weeks ago with Helen Clark sitting alongside her… She made a fool of herself cos she couldn’t remember the name of the alleged US ‘funder’ of Family First!!

  • Stan says:

    Andrew Little had a go on Heather du Plesis Allan’s show. He sounded like a twit trying to argue Family First getting info from overseas. Must be getting desperate.

  • Tim says:

    It is completely normal to reach out to specialists and organisations in like-minded countries, especially ones with new laws or trials similar to those coming up here in NZ. This happens in govt, the justice system, the military, many many sectors. The Labour axis are hypocritical and scare mongering Trump is in bed with Putin style. Little is playing politics to support a position the Labour axis already hold on a referendum which NZ does not want the results of which the NZ Govt has a track record of ignoring anyway.

  • Anonymous says:

    This needs to be a balanced debate which the Labour Govt said we would be getting, I am still waiting for the Govt to put the cons side forward, as the pro side certainly has been via Mr Little and Miss Swarbrick

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