New Zealand’s largest ever medicinal cannabis crop gets the go-ahead in Marlborough

By September 21, 2020 Recent News

TVNZ One News 21 September 2020
A Marlborough medicinal cannabis company has secured a licence to grow New Zealand’s largest ever crop.

Puro received the license allowing it to commercially cultivate 90,000 plants for medical use from the Ministry of Health on Thursday.

The crop will be germinated in tunnel houses before being transplanted into the company’s site at Kekerengu.

But it will hold no recreational appeal with it being used for CBD and cannabinoids to be exported overseas.

“This is low-THC cannabis,” Puro director Sank Macfarlane said.

“We grow this for CBD and CBG and other cannabinoids, you could smoke those until the cows come home and nothing will happen to you [psychoactively].

“It’s essentially just a hemp crop. It is secured and out of site from anyone that wants to go looking for it, but we don’t envisage we’ll have any problems down there.”

More important were the jobs the crop would bring in.

“The way we are doing it is very labour intensive, we’ll be hand harvesting the majority of the crop so we’ll see 50 to 60 workers over the harvest period,” Macfarlane said.