Dr Graham Sharpe – “No” to cannabis

By October 13, 2020 Recent News

Book club viewpoints: “No” to cannabis
Capital October 2020
Our additional comment: Dr Graham Sharpe ONZM FANZCA is a specialist anaesthetist practising in Wellington. Graham Sharpe tells us why he’ll be voting “No”.

Two chaps with contrasting views on marijuana are in the same Wellington book club. They share their thoughts on the upcoming the Cannabis referendum.

Here, Graham Sharpe tells us why he’ll be voting “No”.

A declaration – after much thought and reflection I will vote “No” in the upcoming marijuana referendum.

I was tending towards saying no, but the more I see of the proposal and the arguments, the more concerned I become. The “debate” has been characterised by misleading and, at best, misguided claims by “Yes” proponents.

I am an anaesthetist. I know drugs, particularly sedative drugs. Here are my reasons for voting no.
Harm Minimisation
The Process
“Medical Marijuana”
Criminal Involvement
Consumption Levels
The Outcome
To Sum Up
I will vote “No” in the referendum. My reasons are largely health related, but the more I look at this, the wider my concerns become.
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