Cannabis a factor in young man’s fatal car crash – coroner

By August 5, 2021 Recent News

Stuff 4 August 2021
A young man, who reportedly “hot boxed” in his car before fatally crashing it, was “robbed of a normal life” by a growing cannabis dependency, his father told a coroner.

Ethan Phillip Crone, 24, was killed in May 2017 when he missed the intersection of Easterbrook and Hicklands roads, south of Rangiora, smashed though an arrow sign and over a stopbank, then crashed into a tree.

In a report released on Wednesday, Coroner Marcus Elliott found Crone died from injuries to his head, chest and limbs.

Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), the main psychoactive ingredient in cannabis, was detected in his bloodstream.

The coroner found there were several factors at play but Crone’s death illustrated the dangers of driving after using cannabis.

“The New Zealand Drug Foundation states: Do not drive after using cannabis because this greatly increases the chance of an accident.

“If Mr Crone had not used cannabis, he may have perceived the corner and sign and avoided the crash.”
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