US Study – Marijuana use among college-age at highest level since 1980s

By September 12, 2021 Recent News

Another major report. Same conclusion. Legalisation of recreational cannabis is a disaster for public health. Not only does legalisation result in significantly increased usage (despite what pro-drug advocates said wouldn’t happen), it’s youth who take up smoking dope at a much greater rate. Knowing the increased harm of drugs to developing brains, this is the perfect storm for creating longterm problems. Let’s keep saying NO to dope. From

College students and peers of the same age are using marijuana at a rate not seen since the 1980s, according to an NIH-funded study. Marijuana use reached its highest level in over 3 decades, with a reported 44% of college students surveyed saying they used the drug in the past year, an increase from the 38% who reported using it in 2015. A total of 43% of their non-college peers also said they used marijuana in the last year, with that figure remaining the same since 2018. About 8% of college student respondents also said that they used marijuana daily, compared with 5% in 2015. A total of 13% of the non-college respondents said they used it on a near-daily basis, which the study said was “consistent” with recent years.

Read more here. From the study: NATIONAL SURVEY RESULTS ON DRUG USE 2020, by the University of Michigan