Demise of a city that legalised cannabis

By April 26, 2023 Recent News
Demise of a city that legalised cannabis

We certainly dodged a bullet by voting NO to cannabis legalisation at the 2020 referendum. But sadly New Zealand’s pro-drug campaigners, with the help of our mainstream media, still push hard for legalisation.  They need to make visit to San Francisco to see how it wrecks a society.

If you thought decriminalising cannabis was a good idea, take a look at San Francisco… it’s a mess and has lost its way. The smell of weed on the streets is embarrassing, and the number of stoned people who work in retail and serve you, even more so. Crime and security have suffered as a result of drug legalisation. This is the report given my ZB presenter Mike Hosking, who recently visited San Fran. He’s been to this city many times over the years and laments its demise.

“It’s the slippery slope, and that was always the danger of the “vote yes” campaign when we had this debate a couple of years ago… The moment you loosen those rules and laws, there will always be those who lead the charge to the bottom.”

“So having lived it and seen it for a couple of weeks, the liberalisation of your basic drugs leads nowhere good.”

“It’d be good if all those in favour could spend a week in San Fran to see the damage, the madness, the sadness, the pathetic and sorry state it’s become. I’d like to think a real-life example of where it leads would mean the vote was over before it started.”

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