We’ve been sucked in once. Remember Big Tobacco? Tobacco companies lied to New Zealanders and the world for more than a century about the dangers of smoking. They based their market on addiction. They deliberately targeted kids. They even had doctors promote cigarettes as medicine. And today we are paying the price.

The conversation is now being dictated by Big Marijuana who will profit. Follow the money. Big Marijuana will deny evidence-based science, and will minimise harms by emphasising the fiscal benefits of large tax revenue. Sound familiar?

We know if it’s legalised, a commercial marijuana industry will act just as the tobacco industry acts. Today’s highly potent marijuana represents a growing and significant threat to public health and safety, a threat that is amplified by a new marijuana industry intent on profiting from heavy use.

There is no adequate reason why the government can persistently and successfully target smoking and not do likewise with drugs. The end goal of the anti-smoking campaign is not ‘slow down’ or ‘moderate’ but ‘QUIT’, with numerous strategies and support agencies assisting on the journey. And the numbers overwhelmingly suggest that it is working.

At the same time as we are rightly booting Big Tobacco out of the country, why are we in the process of putting down the welcome mat for Big Marijuana. The supporters of dope are now peddling the same myths that Big Tobacco did. Let’s not be sucked in again.

READ the Fact Sheets below. These will help you campaign with us against any attempts to legalise marijuana (and ultimately other drugs, according to pro-marijuana groups) in New Zealand.


Topics covered:

Big Tobacco 2
Watch:Chronic State
Health Harms
Big Marijuana’s Products
Why The Law Matters
Drug Usage In NZ
Young People
NZ Research
Social Costs v Tax Revenue
Mental Health / Suicide
Black Market Continues
Social Justice?
Driving Stoned
Not So Green
Opioids & Synthetics
High Mums
Family Violence & Child Abuse
What’s Next?
Helen Clark’s GCDP
Top Ten Myths