Support For Legalising Cannabis Continues To Drop – Poll

By May 29, 2020 Media Release

Media Release 29 May 2020
A new poll – the first to be taken after the proposed bill to regulate cannabis was published by the Government – reveals that support for legalising cannabis for recreational use continues to drop.

The survey by Curia Market Research shows that 50% of New Zealanders said they plan to vote against legalisation, and only 35% are planning to vote in favour. 15% are undecided or wouldn’t say. Ignoring the undecided voters, the potential result is 59% against and 41% in favour. Strongest opposition comes from men, older voters and National voters. Labour voters appear split on the issue.

This polling is consistent with previous polling on the issue. The Horizon Research poll shows support for legalising has plummeted from 60% late 2018 to just 39% in 2019. This is a similar trend to the 1 NEWS Colmar Brunton Poll (39% support, down from 43%), and the Newshub-Reid Research Poll (41.7% support).

“We’re stoked that our messaging and our SayNopeToDope campaign is getting through to families. It is clear that while Kiwis strongly support a compassionate response to those in real need with a cautious and researched approach around cannabis medicine, when they thoughtfully consider the real implications of legalising recreational use, they completely reject the proposal – and rightly so.”

Evidence shows that marijuana – which has skyrocketed in average potency over the past decades – is addictive and harmful to the human brain, especially when used by adolescents. In US states that have already legalised the drug, there has been an increase in drugged driving crashesyouth marijuana use, and costs that far outweigh tax revenues from marijuana. These states have seen a black market that continues to thrive, sustained marijuana arrest rates, and tobacco company investment in marijuana.

“At a time when New Zealand’s mental health system is bursting at the seams, why would we go and legitimise a mind-altering product which will simply add to social harm?”

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  • Janette Bradshaw says:

    No to dope ruins the.brain alters the mind causes violence aggression careers ruined increases mental health psychosis etc depression paranoia lists goes on suicides car crashes

  • Margaret Arthur says:

    These revelatory facts and statistics are exactly what are needed to get the truth out there. This cannot be allowed to be a one-sided campaign, led by a bunch of leftist pro-cannabis activists, which skews and muddies the facts and figures in order to gain referendum votes in favour of legalisation. The truth is that cannabis, in all its guises and potencies, is a demotivating, addictive, brain-addlinf drug which fools the users into believing they are in a better place. Fools use it. Fools become even bigger fools.

  • kyle says:

    I use cannabis. Mostly to alleviate my anxiety and depression. Have been on various pharmaceutical drugs which caused unpleasant side effects. After doing alot of research (I am a librarian) and weighing up the pros and cons I tried cannabis. Best thing I ever did. Do you people know about the correlation between cbd and thc? And how these compounds are absorbed into our endocannabinoid system? I use and am fine and would like the opportunity to grow my medication

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